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Why use steel piers?

A permanent solution to foundation problems.

Superior’s steel piers are supported by bedrock rather than expansive soil. In Central Texas, the soil underneath the house is constantly shifting which can cause cracks in walls and flooring, sticking doors, and sloping floors among numerous other problems. By driving down to bedrock, the foundation of a home is secured to a stable support surface which counteracts the effects of shrinking and swelling soils.

Illustration of bricks
Parent Rock
Bedrock (up to 50ft)
Our steel-pier method

What's the process?

Not all methods of foundation repair were created equal. In fact, most techniques rely on the very unstable soil that causes foundation problems in the first place. Here's how our method works.

Our steel piers are driven through the soil until they reach bedrock.

This ensures that the structure will not depend on the expansive soils in Central Texas.

Upon reaching the bedrock, the piers are anchored securely to the rock.

Our experienced teams will secure each pier in place to achieve maximum support.

Every steel pier is mill certified and load tested for superior quality.

This ensures our quality is not compromised and is always superior.

All work is fully insured and verified by independent engineers.

We construct foundation repairs to exact engineering specifications when required, and reports are provided by independent engineer consultants upon request.

Engineered and designed to last a lifetime.

Our steel pier method is the permanent solution to foundation problems, unlike concrete which may crack over time.

Our materials are manufactured by certified welders.

Another testament to our superior quality and dedication to excellence.

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What our customers have to say.

“Superior Foundation provided excellent service. The crew leveled the house in one day, getting our house to meet our engineer's specification. We're confident that our house repair will last a lifetime. Thanks Superior!”

Stephen B.
Round Rock, TX

“Scott came out to check the foundation, and after arriving on time, did a number of measurements. He could have sold us on a big repair project but was completely honest. We needed no work done, everything was in good shape. These are good, honest people at Superior Foundation, and we highly recommend them.”

Nueman E.
Round Rock, TX

“I've used superior as my foundation Contactor on multiple occasions and believe these guys by far the best foundation repair specialists in Austin. Scott is fast, knowledgeable and overall great person to work with that I always trust.”

Roman P.
Austin, TX