5 tips for building a stronger foundation.

Building a new home or adding on? Here are 5 tips to help ensure you avoid foundation problems in the future. 

Perform a soil evaluation - Whether your new house is on a pier and beam or concrete slab, the foundation is its most crucial component. Do not try to save money by skimping on foundation construction. A soil evaluation must be performed before a proper foundation system can be designed.

Incorporate proper grading - Be sure your builder incorporates proper grading, proper piering for your soil conditions, proper drainage, waterproofs the foundation, and installs a vapor barrier.

Install proper drainage systems - Include gutters and downspouts in your home plan.

Install vapor barriers when needed - Be sure that pier and beam foundations have vapor barriers installed and are properly vented.

Inspect your foundation yearly - Conduct a yearly inspection of your foundation, driveway, and sidewalks. When drainage or other problems are detected, correct them immediately. This is important, especially during the first 6 – 10 years after the construction of a new house, as it’s during this time the home experiences the greatest settling.

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